Welcome To A.R. Radhakrishnan and Co,

Our firm A.R. Radhakrishnan and Co was established in the year 1973. It was initially setup to trade in agricultural commodities in and around Theni. It was only in the year 2004 that we entered into millets processing. Millets like kodo millet and barnyard millet were the two crops which were grown in Tamilnadu. These millets were procured from farmers and sent to processing mills in places in Maharashtra and Gujarat. People in those states consumed these processed millets during fasting months. It was scarcely used as a healthy product. The reason millets were used during fasting periods was that millets take a much longer time to digest in the human body. As it takes longer to digest the need for taking our next meal is delayed that much longer.
Millets consumption in Tamilnadu was prevalent before 1970s mainly in rural areas. The Green revolution during that period went a long way in changing rural diet patterns. People started shifting towards paddy rice and wheat based products. Up and until 2010 millet consumption in Tamilnadu was mainly limited to kambu(pearl millet) and ragi(finger millet). Slowly as awareness grew about other millets sales of processed millets have grown at a steady pace.
Our company which started operations in 2004 mainly sold our products in states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat. As demand started growing slowly in Tamilnadu we have gradually shifted our selling markets to Tamilnadu.
Today our company has recorded sales of an average of 100 tons per month of all the four types of millets(varagu, kuthiravali, samai and thenai) combined. We take utmost care in maintaining the quality of the products we process. We are constantly taking steps to upgrade our production process to maintain quality and cleanliness of the product by reducing human handling during the production process.